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We are an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management. Whether you are new to the HR field or have many years of experience, we are a local starting point for networking, information, professional development and continued support of excellence in Human Resources.  CIC-SHRM is recognized as a 501(c)(6) organization.

CIC-SHRM is an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management.  The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest HR professional society, representing 285,000 members in more than 165 countries.  For nearly seven decades, the Society has been the leading provider of resources serving the needs of HR professionals and advancing the practice of human resource management. SHRM has more than 575 affiliated chapters within the United States and subsidiary offices in China, India and United Arab Emirates. For more information about SHRM please visit www.shrm.org.

We welcome your use of this site as a resource and encourage you to check back frequently for updated information. We also encourage your involvement and suggestions about all of our activities, on the web and off. 

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 Message from our President:

Hello All!

The Year of 2021 has been another challenging year. However, challenges tend to take us out of our comfort zones, while at the same time bringing the best out of us.  When I think of challenges, I tend to think of seeds. I know what you are thinking. Where is she going with this? LOL!!!

If you take a watermelon seed, and place it on a shelf, it will not produce what it is designed to reproduce. It may be in a comfortable place, but it will not produce another watermelon.   However, if you take that same seed, plant it in dirt, provide water and sunlight for it, it will produce another watermelon, that has hundreds of seeds.

Planting the watermelon seed in dirt, watering it, and placing it in scorching heat, sounds rather harsh. However, the seed was designed to withstand such treatment (or you can say care). It is this type of treatment, that causes it to reproduce another watermelon. During the reproduction process, the seed goes through the breaking of the shell process – (ouch, this sounds painful). If the shell is not broken, the fruit will not produce. 

There are things in life and in the workplace, that are like the watermelon seed.  They can be downright harsh and painful. However, these are the very things will cause us to shine, while we encourage others to do the same.  I like to think that mankind has been designed to take the harsh and painful things in life, and make something beautiful out of it. 

If we all were to all journey back to our childhoods (not an actual road trip, this is a mind trip), or even a few weeks ago, we could each think of something that caused us so much pain, that we did not know how we would be able move past it. But when you gaze back on how you continued to thrive despite the situation, it causes you to see how you have grown.  After such tragedy, you begin to see great triumph.  This is what I like to call true joy!!!

My family lost a dear, dear friend to COVID-19. This was extremely painful for us.  Some days it still doesn’t seem real that he is no longer here.  However, each day we continue to press forward, despite the loss.  We should treasure the times that we spend with family and friends.

We are still amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and mask are once again mandatory, while in indoor public spaces in Illinois. I am thankful that we have made great strides in mitigating the harmful and life-threatening effects of this virus. Nevertheless, we have got to remain diligent about doing out part, to make things better for ourselves, family, friends, and the world at large. 

As we prepare to enter the 4th Quarter, let’s do so with gusto! There are a lot of things that could cause us to become discouraged. However, there are a lot of things that could cause us to be encouraged.  The truth is, we get to decide which choice we make.  I choose to believe that things will eventually get better. 

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